My Story

I have a confession...I NEVER wanted to sell Scentsy! I will come back to this in a minute. I am a full time Social Worker and advocate for retired greyhounds. I had no time for another project! In addition, I have a very sensitive/easliy offended sense of smell. But then a childhood friend, Debbie Platt Diehl, who is also my Scentsy Director spoke to me about Scentsy, stressing the safety of the product (flameless candles), the lack of chemicals in the scents (made of paraffin wax and essential oils) and the wonderful support from TEAM SCENTSY. A few weeks later, she sent me a box to "sample". I am a not an easy sale! I left the box unopened in my bedroom for a week. No adverse reactions: a good sign. One night the delightful scents emitting from the box was too much to resist. I opened the box of fragrances and the world of OPPORTUNITY with a company whose business philosophy is: Simplicity ~ Authenticty ~ Generosity.     I enrolled on 02/22/11; was promoted to Escential Consultant on 02/28/11; Lead Consultant on 06/30/11 and Star Consultant on 11/30/12. What does that mean? More money and the self determination to do with it as I pleased!!!  I have been awarded sweet jewelry and limited edition warmers. More importantly, it also means I am now able to fund the causes that are most important to me and my friends! I can do this from the comfort of my home, when I want too! As I stated earlier; I did not want to sell Scentsy THEN...but I am delighted that I do NOW! I have met some wonderful people, donated several hundreds of dollars to GREYT causes and have endless opportunties for travel, income and personal growth. In addition, when I "go to work" at Scentsy, I am really going to a PARTY! If you think you might like to experience Scentsy as I have...please join my team! Scentsy is seven years old and only growing. When I joined last year Scentsy was only in the US and Canada. Scentsy is Now in Germany, the UK, Ireland and they are looking to expand even more. We are introducing new brands and products as I type! It is an exciting time to join the ranks of a winning team...TEAM SCENTSY!!!  Look forward to seeing your name on the roster soon!<!--endbody-->